Reasons why Boa Hancock shouldn’t join the Straw Hats

I dare you to say she’s not cute…

Personally, Boa Hancock is one of my favorite characters in the One Piece anime and manga. Sure, she’s bratty and spoiled, but she’s also absolutely adorable around Luffy and naive to the point of frustration.

That being said, I suspect a disaster of epic proportions if she joined the Straw Hats pirates. I give below my reasoning:

  • Luffy would meet a shitty dog’s death via Sanji. The pervert was already furious with Luffy knowing the Pirate Empress. Luffy sharing the same boat as her would be no doubt more than he could handle especially if she started her ‘we’re married’ routine around him.
  • Speaking of Sanji, the pervert would lose far more blood than he could afford with Boa on the same boat.
  • The Staw Hats in general would be broke from having to buy medical suppies to maintain Sanji’s health.
  • Nami and Robin  would spend the rest of their journey as stone. It would happen merely by them being a mile radius near Luffy if her reaction towards learning that he had female members in his crew was any indication:

  • Zoro would be alright, I guess. He’d be defensive like he was with Robin for a while, but I guess he’d be alright with her on board. Eventually.
  • Brook would be turned to stone the moment he asked to see Boa Hancock’s panties.
  • Chopper would be overworked trying to heal everyone.
  • The World Government and the Marines would be pissed off and no doubt nuke Amazon Lily Buster Call style.

So, yeah.

Although I love Boa Hancock as a character it is far safer for her and the world if she remained a Shichibukai.


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