My thoughts on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

After feeling nostalgic enough to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone again, I decided to share the list of thoughts that came to me while reading the book:
So, here they are:

  1. At the start of the book Dumbledore comments that he’d passed a lot of parties to celebrate Voldemort’s downfall. Here’s the kicker: the attack on Godric’s Hollow happened on Halloween aka the night previous the parties. This begs the question: just how the heck did news of Voldemort’s downfall spread so soon and who was the source of said news?
  2. Speaking of Voldie’s end, how did people find out that it was the killing curse that Harry was hit with? I doubt Hagrid took Harry to St Mungo’s as he was quite willing to pry Harry out of Sirius’ hands to deliver Harry to Dumbledore as he was ordered.
  3. During Harry’s time with the Dursleys, where were the police, child services and medics (magical and not)? I doubt Harry’s placement at the Dursleys’ was legal, considering Harry was just dumped there like a bottle of milk. Also, Harry should be pretty messed up from his life at the Dursleys, surely anyone would notice. Right?
  4. Why the heck the Dursleys spoiled Dudley to the point of him not being satisfied with 36 presents? For all his inconsiderate actions towards his nephew Vernon Dursley is a director at a company, therefore, a businessman. Unless he was as ignorant and useless as Cornelius Fudge, he must’ve considered how unbeneficial such a child could be to his reputation.
  5. Speaking of Dudley, how did the delinquent manage to avoid being expelled with his poor math skills?
  6. When did Dumbledore plant Mrs Figg at Privet Drive and why? As far as the world was concerned, Voldie was gone and Dumbledore was so sure of his blood wards that he didn’t visit Harry once at the Dursleys prior Hogwarts.
  7. Is Mrs Figg really so senile that she didn’t notice the signs of abuse on Harry?
  8. Did Vernon really worry more about his car than leaving a minor unattended in said car?
  9. Could Harry be a metamorphmagus? Or did Harry’s hair grow back due to accidental magic?
  10. Why is Harry so mediocre in subjects that aren’t DADA or flying if his accidental magic was powerful enough for an apparition (or brief flight) when he was found on a school roof?
  11. Why didn’t Harry notice that he was the only one to understand the Brazilian boa in the zoo?
  12. Where do vanished things go? Do they get destroyed or merely relocated to a destination where they’re kept for future use?
  13. Did Vernon encourage Dudley to cane Harry for trying to take his Hogwarts letter? If so, his confusion over Wood is understandable.
  14. How are Hogwarts letters written? Does anyone monitor the addresses on them?
  15. Does Hogwarts send more than one letter to every muggleborn/raised kid or is Harry a special case?
  16. Why didn’t Harry receive letters from one of the other wizarding schools? One would think that Karkaroff at least wouldn’t pass up a chance of having the BWL as a student.
  17. Why does Harry still trust Hagrid after he heard that Hagrid was the one to bring him to the Dursleys?
  18. Why was Hagrid (of all people) sent to introduce Harry to magic? At the time, Harry wasn’t a teacher. He was a gamekeeper. So why?
  19. As far as I know, muggle baiting is illegal, so why did Hagrid get away with attaching a pig tail on Dudley?
  20. What’s the punishment for practising magic after being expelled? It can’t be huge or Hagrid would’ve been in serious trouble the moment he conjured the first fireball.
  21. Why is Harry so ignorant about the reasons for not telling people about magic? His relatives are the Dursleys after all.
  22. Is Tom the Bartender implying that Hagrid frequents the Leaky Cauldron for drinks? Maybe Malfoy’s comments in Madame Malkin’s weren’t so far off the truth?
  23. Mobbing people is not acceptable. No matter what.
  24. Why the hell was Hagrid grinning when Harry was nearly mauled by those sharks *cough*adoring public*cough*?
  25. Why did Dumbledore allow Quirrell to return to teach if he was such a ‘coward’?
  26. Why did Hagrid have Harry’s vault key?
  27. Why did Hagrid spoke about the letter from Dumbledore to Gringotts in front of Harry?
  28. Why didn’t Harry wonder why he didn’t get any statements from the bank about his finances?
  29. If the Potters are supposedly an old wizarding family, then is that vault the extent of their riches? Where are the jewelry, deeds to estates or other valuables?
  30. Was Hagrid put in charge of Harry to spread Gryffindor propaganda? His comments on Hufflepuff and Slytherin suggest such a thing.
  31. Why are wands necessary? Accidental magic happens wandlessly after all.
  32. Is Harry fluent in troll language, because he understands uncle Vernon’s grunting?
  33. How can Harry go to a school he knows next to nothing about at that point?
  34. Why is Molly Weasley shouting about platform 9 and ¾ for in broad daylight?
  35. Wouldn’t it be safer to walk up to the platform instead of running? Especially, when you’re muggle raised and it’s your first time?
  36. Molly favors Percy by buying him an owl instead of buying Ron a wand, as in, something he’ll need for the rest of his life as a wizard. She also encourages Fred & George’s pranking by giving them ideas.
  37. Ginny is a total fangirl. I don’t care if Harry is the savior of the wizarding world or the universe. You do not goggle at him like he’s a piece of meat.
  38. Is the Hogwarts Express really ever full? If there’s such a thing as Extension Charms, then the idea of a train being full seems a bit ridiculous.
  39. The acceptance letter said: cat, owl or toad for a pet. Tarantulas and rats are not on the list.
  40. Ron is a tactless douche. You do not ask a guy to see his scar from a traumatic event nor about said traumatic event on the first train ride.
  41. Ron has an inferiority complex.
  42. How many wands can one wizard use if Ron got ‘Charlie’s old wand’? Do they need replacing somewhere down the line?
  43. Why did Fred & George never notice Peter Pettigrew on the Marauders’ Map next to their little brother?
  44. Why are people afraid to say Voldie’s alias? After all, at the time, Voldie was a disembodied spirit.
  45. Why would any sane person risk eating Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans, if said beans mean every flavour under the sun?
  46. Why did Ron believe his twin brothers, who are notorious pranksters, about a spell?
  47. When is the Trace activated if Hermione practised spells before her first year? Also, how good is her memory to know books by heart?
  48. Isn’t it dangerous to use a wand if the unicorn hair is poking out?
  49. Is it a tradition not to tell kids about the Sorting in advance?
  50. Does the Sorting Hat use legilimency on students? Is that legal? What prevents it from opening its brim and spilling secrets about the kids it’s sorted?
  51. If the Sorting Hat can be swayed by a kid’s pleading, then who else is sorted in the wrong House?
  52. Seamus is lucky that his father wasn’t a bigot. His mum was a right bitch to keep such a secret from Mr Finnegan until the wedding.
  53. Neville was also an abuse victim, only his abusers did it to bring out his magic instead of trying to suppress it like the Dursleys.
  54. Did Snape use legilimency on Harry?
  55. Dumbledore basically ensured that any curious, rebellious or playing truth and dare kids would go to the third corridor.
  56. Ron is lucky that Pettigrew isn’t a paedophile. Still, keeping a rat with you in bed is creepy.
  57. Why weren’t Filch and Binns fired and (in the latter’s case) exorcised already?
  58. Lessons with a stuttering and reeking of garlic professor must be hell.
  59. Why does Snape hate Harry from the first meeting? Did he see something in Harry’s head that he didn’t like?
  60. Are the questions Snape asked in the first class first year level and if so, how far in the book are they?
  61. Why are they brewing potions without theory lessons? Maybe if they had even a single lesson on theory, then Neville wouldn’t have messed up the Cure for Boils.
  62. Since when is Harry is Neville’s keeper? Harry was busy with his own potion to supervise Neville’s
  63. Hagrid sucks at diverting conversations from unpleasant topics.
  64. Before the flying class, kids brag about how they broke the Statute of Secrecy. Besides, nearly hitting a hang glider means you’re a crappy flier.
  65. Neville’s family, aside from being child abusers, are a bunch of dicks for sending the Rememberall. Also, are they meant to be used like that?
  66. Did Hooch leave a bunch of kids from rival houses unsupervised?
  67. Harry is rewarded for rule breaking. Also, professor McGonagall breaks the no broomstick rule.
  68. Did Ron agree to a duel for Harry?
  69. The Fat Lady, while amusing and interesting, sucks at her duties as the Gryffindor Tower protector.
  70. Harry and Ron didn’t consider the ‘midnight in the trophy room’ duel as a way for Malfoy to get them expelled.
  71. Hermione needs to sort out her priorities. Hermione dear, expulsion isn’t worse than dying.
  72. Since when is Harry eager for adventure? Back at the Dursleys’ he had working self-preservation instincts, then they short-circuit once at the wizarding world?! Seriously, what the hell?!
  73. Did Flitwick make up the buffalo incident or was anyone actually stupid enough to do it?
  74. Ron’s an insensitive dick to Hermione, when she only meant well.
  75. Was Dumbledore trying to get the Slytherins killed? Their dorms are in the dungeons!
  76. Why were only five points taken off for the troll incident?
  77. Why were Harry and Ron awarded for the troll, when they should’ve been given detentions for disobeying the teachers and endangering their lives?
  78. I didn’t know Harry was in the running for President! Wasn’t it only a quidditch match? Still, it was such a lovely banner.
  79. Did Wood imply he’d get violent if the Gryffs lost the game?
  80. Why was Lee Jordan allowed to comment on the game if he needed supervision and censoring?
  81. Why is a Seeker even necessary for quidditch? Unless they catch the snitch, they’re about as useful as tits on a boar!
  82. Did Hermione just try to kill Snape?
  83. Do wizards exercise? At all? If they’re so lazy that even their chess pieces move on their own, then I guess not.
  84. Harry accepts a gift with no signature.
  85. Why is the Mirror of Erised at Hogwarts? In a school full of impressionable children? How did it know how Harry’s family looked like when Harry had never seen them, therefore, couldn’t even imagine them?
  86. Ron’s deepest desire makes his inferiority complex obvious.
  87. Why Harry wasn’t punished for being out-of-bounds at night?
  88. Why did Dumbledore appoint a biased referee to a sports event?
  89. Did Harry laugh at Neville being bullied after a lifetime of Dursley style abuse?
  90. Hagrid decided to endanger students with his pet dragon.
  91. Harry and Hermione finally get punished, but not for their bigger offense.
  92. The ‘I’ve never heard of such a thing’ and ‘I’ve never been more ashamed of Gryffindor students’ is a bit rich when coming from the woman who had to deal with the Weasley twins and the Marauders.
  93. Since when is shunning a person for losing points is okay?
  94. Getting a detention late at night for being out at night is not only counterproductive, but also ridiculous.
  95. Unless there was a full moon that night, the company shouldn’t have had any encounters with werewolves. Basically, Malfoy was being a cowardly little bitch.
  96. In their own way, the centaurs warned Harry about the war. After all, Mars is the Roman god of War. Furthermore, the innocents are the first victims line can mean either the dead unicorn or Cedric Diggory, who was the first innocent victim after Voldie’s resurrection.
  97. Why did Hagrid decide to pair Neville with Malfoy in the first place?
  98. Firenze’s explanation on unicorn blood and its properties is too vague. What exactly is a half-life and how did it influence Voldemort?
  99. Harry was given nightmares after the detention and absolutely zero therapy.
  100. Hagrid gave out crucial info to Voldemort. Why is he even allowed to drink if it loosens his tongue?
  101. Professor McGonagall disregards a valid threat to the school. For all her the House is your family tripe, she’s a crappy mother figure.
  102. Instead of going to a teacher who wasn’t a suspect with their concerns, the Trio decide to stalk Snape.
  103. Harry justifies a clear suicide wish with a noble speech of saving the school from Voldemort.
  104. After breaking so many rules, Hermione’s belief that her grades would prevent her from being expelled is unbearably arrogant.
  105. The Trio petrify the only sane person still awake in the Tower.
  106. The Trio jump on an unknown object that might kill them. Said object ends up being Devil’s Snare.
  107. The Stone is protected by first year level defences.
  108. Quirrell goes off in a cliché villain boast.
  109. Dimbledore’s mirror trick should’ve failed with Quirrell. He’s not after the Stone for himself, after all.
  110. Lying to Quirrellmort is pointless. The guy knows legilimency.
  111. Harry cares more about the Stone more than his life.
  112. How fast was the rumor mill or was Ron shooting his mouth off how the school was saved by Harry?
  113. How exactly did Dumbledore know when to arrive to save Harry? Also, are apparition and portkeys possible in that part of the castle, because I can’t see how else Dumbledore would’ve made it.
  114. Dumbledore should’ve answered Harry about why Voldie wants him dead.
  115. Actually, I think Dumbledore pulled the reason for Snape’s hatred for Harry out of his ass. I think the real reason is because James Potter got the woman Snape loved and their offspring looks like James and has Lily’s eyes.
  116. If Harry hates it at the Dursleys, why doesn’t he protest his placement there to Dumbledore?
  117. Dumbledore flips the Slytherins the proverbial finger by allowing the Gryffindors to steal their victory in the House Cup via blatant favoritism.
  118. Neville’s common sense and morals rate lower than the Trio’s idiotic bravery in Dumbledore’s eyes.
  119. At the end of the school year, Harry plots muggle baiting.

So, this is it. My thoughts on The Philosopher’s Stone.


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