5 Villains that I honestly hated

A while ago, I wrote an article about the bad guys I honestly enjoyed watching on the big screen. After watching Suicide Squad and thinking a lot, I’ve decided to write about the villains I actually hated. Whether by bad acting by actors, or by the evil actions of the characters themselves, these top 5 people have earned my eternal enmity. Please note that these ten villains are taken from both movies and TV shows. Cartoon, anime, comic, manga or other characters are not on this list.

That said; allow me to introduce the first entry at

5. Macklyn Warlow/Ben Flynn (True Blood):

I actually had mixed views about this show. It was great about four seasons or so and then two villains, both of these that are on this list came and ruined it. One of these was Warlow. Can you please explain what his purpose in the show was again? Frankly, I have zero clue. Sure, at the beginning, back when he was still mysterious and all that, he was kinda cool. When we got to the part where we see him on screen, my only thought was an unamused ‘what?’

He was the bad guy, right?

Then what the hell was up with his saving people for Sookie kick? I think he actually forgot that he was supposed to be evil. He was not supposed to be like ‘Sookie tie me up so I wouldn’t hurt people’ and shit. No. Just no. Hurting people is in the bad guy description. This guy was about as evil as a wet paper towel. The only evil thing he did was kill off Niall’s tribe and even that could be chalked up to a young vampire among fairies. By the end of his run on the once good True Blood series, I was frankly pissed off.

I expected to see a bad ass villain in the shape of a vampire/fairy hybrid.

Heck, Vampire Diaries managed to succeed when it gave us Klaus.

So, what the hell, True Blood?

Now, before I start ranting even more, I give you the next entry on this list.

4. Billith (True Blood):

This is the second villain that ruined the True Blood TV series for me. I can admit that I was never a fan of Bill Compton, but he was getting better. He was finally recovering from being pussy whipped by Sookie and becoming someone I might actually like as a character.

Then Billith came.

Season 5 ended almost perfectly for me. Spoilers to anyone who has still not seen that episode, but Bill got killed off. Did he stay dead?


Wait, what?

No really.


I thought the rules of being a vampire are simple. An eternity with the possibility of getting the True Death as in you get killed and it’s curtains for you. No second chance in life. No reboot. That’s why it’s called the True Death for God’s sake!

Neither the TB universe nor the books they were based on even mention that if you take some weird ass blood, the normal rules of True Death do not apply.

I don’t care that it’s supposed to be the blood of an insanely old vampire.

Godric was old and he didn’t rise from a pile of ash when he met the sun.

Including weird ass shit like Lilith and her hallucinogen blood is not a good thing.

It’s lazy writing. It shows that the creators of the series were completely out of ideas and couldn’t think of anything better.

I mean the first vampire, yes okay, I suppose I could suspend my disbelief for that.

After all, vampires had to come from somewhere.

I can also suspend my disbelief at vampires being created by God given the theme of vampires vs religion throughout the series.

But Billith?


I watched Billith and my promise to at least tolerate Bill Compton died a quick death after living a short and unsatisfying life.

The next entry is

3. John Gilbert (Vampire Diaries):

This show had its own share of villains, but none pissed me off more than Elena’s father did. Considering the fact that the show gave us Klaus, Damon, Katherine and whoever that hunter guy from season 4 was, it’s a true accomplishment.

This enmity had absolutely nothing to do how John was written.

In fact, the creators did an amazing job with him.

The fact that he’s human is an icing on the cake. It means that he’s so shrewd that even Damon, the badass 100+ year old vampire feels like he’s a major threat.

What earned my complete enmity was the killing of Pearl and Anna.

Now in case you don’t know, during John’s tenure as the big bad, vampires that were sealed in a tomb near Mystic Falls were released. Amongst them were two that endeared themselves to me from their first appearance Pearl and her daughter Anna. They were just people that wanted to lead a peaceful life despite being vampires. Pearl even took up the mantle of leader of the tomb vampires to make sure they don’t go batshit insane and start a murder spree in Mystic Falls.

Then John Gilbert killed them both not only killing the only sane vampire amongst the rest of the tomb vampires, but also his nephew’s girlfriend.

Dick move, dude. Dick move.

  1. Amanda Waller (Suicide Squad):

Now, before people start hating on me, hear me out. Yes, I did watch Suicide Squad. Yes, I liked it. And yes, I did refer to Amanda Waller as a villain.

Amongst people like Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croc and the others how in seven hells could an ordinary woman be a villain.

Let’s take a look at her actions, shall we?

  • She released crazy characters from behind bars;
  • She was happy when Rick Flag fell in love with a woman that was possessed by a crazy witch, because then she’d be easier to control;
  • She watched cooly as Deadshot nearly well…shot his guard when it was obvious that the thing was loaded with actual bullets.
  • She didn’t try to help Doctor Moone, a woman who was obviously terrified of her transformations. Instead, she chose the poor woman to be used as a weapon;
  • She didn’t feel any remorse whenever she stabbed The Enchantress’s heart, when it was obvious that Doctor Moone shared the pain The Enchantress felt whenever the said heart was stabbed;
  • She promised freedom and other rewards to the Suicide Squad for risking their asses. She didn’t keep her word. I mean honestly. Ten year off the prison sentence for nearly dying. Gee, thanks, lady!

It’s not the superpowers that make the villain. It’s the actions. And boy, these actions, when you take into consideration how strangely relatable the Suicide Squad members were to me, were simply unforgivable.

1. Now, this one was a tie between Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge and Fenrir Grayback (Harry Potter):

Take your pick between a twisted Dark Lord so evil that people were afraid to say his name, a crazy Blood Quill loving bitch with a penchant to write cruel and unusual laws towards werewolves and call centaurs ‘half breeds’ of ‘near-human intelligence’ and a werewolf that got so used to the taste of blood that once a month isn’t enough for him.

For me all three of them were creeps who should’ve been chucked into the darkest cell Azkaban had to offer.

So, there you have it.

My list of top 5 vilains that I hated.



Seven movies or franchises where I rooted for the bad guy

Sometimes, the movie’s bad guys outdo their heroes. Whether by their skills, charisma or because you just have to pity them. I have compiled my own personal list of such movies. Feel free to disagree.

Let’s begin.

  • Twilight franchise: Every single bad guy in it.


What is the franchise about: To those people who had enough sanity to avoid the insanity that is the Twilight craze, I will tell a bit about these movies. In these movies Bella (played by K. Stewart) falls in love with an over one hundred year sparkly vampire named Edward (played by R. Pattinson). I’m not kidding. Vampires in this story sparkle. During their ‘love’ story they take down multiple villains, Bella gets suicidal after Edward leaves her then they hook up again get married and have a half vampire daughter named Renesmee. That’s it. It’s only redeeming quality is Edward’s adopted brother Jasper Cullen né Whitlock, who is the one of the few rounded characters in the series.


What caused me to make the choice: Well, to tell you the truth it was the so called heroine of the franchise that made the choice for me. How pathetic is the series when you want to see the main character becoming a buffet to any vampire she meets? We nearly get the chance in Twilight and in latter films, but alas she still lives.


  • Thor and Avengers franchises: Loki


What are the franchises about: The Thor franchise introduces the Norse gods to us. The Avengers picks up where Thor leaves and makes the titular protagonist group The Avengers fight Loki the God of Mischief and his army of Chitauri.


What caused me to make the choice: What’s not to like about Loki? He actually uses his brain over his brawn and has cool magic powers. In Thor he was given a back-story people can relate to and personally, throughout that movie I was torn between wanting to hug him and slap some sense into him. If people actually listened to him for once he’d make a kickass advisor as he sees the world so much clearer than Thor or anyone in Asgard (perhaps save for Frigga).


  • The X-men franchise: Magneto


What the franchise is about: this franchise is about mutants with cool powers and their relationship with humans. It’s got everything an aspiring fantasy fan could want and more.


What caused me to make the choice: Frankly, it was a tough call between Magneto and Major Stryker. Both of them are shrewd in their own way, but Magneto’s charisma, back story and the fact that there is a chance that the future of Mutants vs. Humans he envisions has a good chance of coming true won me over. His power of Magnetism is just the icing on the cake.


  • Fight Club: Tyler Durden

What the movie is about: A fight club started by the main character and his alter ego Tyler Durden. I was quite scptical when I watched it, but I loved it.

What caused me to make the choice: Sure, Tyler’s just a part of the main character, but he’s wild, sexy, charismatic and carefree. He’s the type of guy who doesn’t give a flying one about what people think of him.


  • The Home Alone franchise: Harry and Marv


What the franchise is about: this franchise is about a kid getting left home alone and defending himself from robbers.


What caused me to make the choice: Frankly, I felt sorry for those two. Getting beaten by a kid is nobody’s idea of a picnic, but Kevin (played by M. Culkin) makes Harry and Marv go through absolute hell and the more I watch these movies the sorrier I am for those two.


  • The Lord of the Rings franchise: Saruman


What this franchise is about: an idiotic hobbit finding a powerful magical artifact, keeping it and endangering all of Middle Earth, causing nine heroes to step up to save the day.


What caused me to make this choice: Although Saruman is not the main baddie in this franchise, he’d the one that really stands out. No offence to the Witch King or Sauron, but they got far less screen time and character development than needed to interest me. Plus their deaths were just so pathetic. And although Saruman is not quite as kickass in the movies as he is in the books, but his strategic genius and overall power is nothing to sneeze at.


  • Dracula (1992) aka Bram Stoker’s Dracula : Dracula


What the movie is about: It follows the story of Johnatan Harker as he entangles himself in a world of the supernatural. It is the best attempt to turn Bram Stoker’s Dracula  into a movie.


What caused me to make the choice: Garry Oldman’s performance as Dracula, of course! He mixes the kindness and ruthlessness that anyone who had read Dracula would recognize and makes it into an art form. Seriously, by the end you start to feel sorry for Dracula.